Releasing Frustration Children’s Meditation

Free Kid Friendly Guided Meditations for Children

    In this free guided meditation for children your child will learn how to release their frustration. This meditation is great for your child to listen to before they go to sleep or when they are feeling frustrated.  It's also great for young middle school students to listen.

    If possible please have your child listen to this meditation with head phones on for the full effect.  However it’s not required.  In this beginners guided meditation for children your child be will directed to visualize themselves outside on a beautiful day. From there your child will be directed to bring their awareness to pink and orange butterflies all around them. Any frustration that your child feels will be visualized as being pulled from away them and absorbed by the butterflies.

    Children are easily frustrated. They are young and learning new things each day. Frustration can lead to a child giving up, getting angry or becoming sad. Removing their frustration can help them focus better and build their confidence to try again. Leading to a more positive outcome for your child.

    This meditation was created with the intent to help children and students manage their frustration.  I hope this meditation is helpful for your child.

    Peace be within you!

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