Releasing Fears and Unhappy Thoughts Children’s Meditation

Free Kid Friendly Guided Meditations for Children

    In this free guided meditation for children your child will learn how to release their fears and any unhappy thoughts. This is a great end of day meditation for any child or student.

    If possible please have your child listen to this free guided meditation with head phones on for the full effect.  However it’s not required.  In this free guided meditation for children your child will be guided to bring their awareness to a bright blue loving ball of light coming down from above. Your child will be directed to visualize the bright blue ball of light absorbing all of their fears and unhappy thoughts. Taking them away and leaving only love and happy thoughts.

    Children often times have a wild imagination. Making them fearful of a lot of things. This meditation is great for your child to listen to if they are scared or fearful. They can also listen to it if they are afraid of the dark, making it a very helpful meditation to listen to before your child goes to bed.

    I hope this meditation brings peace and happiness to your child life in some small way.

    Peace be within you.

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