Loving Who You Are Children’s Meditation

Free Kid Friendly Guided Meditations for Children

    In this kid friendly free meditation for children your child will learn to love themselves exactly the way they are. If possible please have your child listen to this free guided meditation with head phones on for the full effect.  However it’s not required.  In this children’s guided meditation your child will be guided to bring their awareness to a soft warm yellow blanket full of love. They will be introduced to the concept of a higher self or awareness represented by the yellow blanket. Through this meditation your child will focus on the love that they have within themselves and giving that love to themselves. They will be guided to love everything about themselves and that makes them unique and different.

    This world is full of stereotypes and views of what is prefect and what is different. For a child it can be hard for them to love themselves if they feel that they are different by society’s standards. The fact of the matter is that we are ALL different. No two people is exactly alike and it’s very important that children know this.

    This free guided meditation for kids was created to remind children that it’s okay to be different and to love themselves exactly the way they are.  It's great for students in middle school who are finding out who they are.

    The hopes of this free meditation is to bring self-love to your child. I truly hope that it does each time your child listens to it.

    Peace be within you!

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