Lotus Flower Breathing Beginners Meditation for Children

Free Kid Friendly Guided Meditations for Children

    In this free beginner’s guided meditation for children your child will learn how to calm their mind and body while focusing on their breathing. This meditation is recommended to be listen to as a quick introduction to guided meditations for your child.  If possible please have your child listen to this meditation with head phones on for the full effect.  However it's not required.

    In the beginning of the free guided meditation your child will be guided through how to position their body before they close their eyes.  They will focus on their breathing by bringing their awareness to a beautiful flower that opens and closes with their breath.  As adults our minds are programmed to picture a lotus flower when we think of flowers in relation meditation.  However through this guided meditation your child will be guided to picture only a flower so that they can make the meditation their own.

    As mentioned above this meditation is great for a child as young as 5 that you would like to introduce to guided meditation.  It's also a great meditation for any child that needs to calm their mind and body.  For example your child can use this free guided meditation to calm their minds after a long day at school.

    I truly hope you enjoy this guided meditation.  It was created with the intent of providing light and peace in your child's life.

    Peace be within you!

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