Have a Happy Day Children’s Meditation

Free Kid Friendly Guided Meditations for Children

    In this free guided meditation for children your child will learn how to have a happy day by focusing their attention on happy feelings. This is a great meditation for your child to listen to before they start their day. If possible please have your child listen to this meditation with head phones on for the full effect.  However it’s not required.  In this meditation your child will be guided to bring their awareness to a warm loving yellow light that will protect them from having an unhappy day. They will then be guided to focus their attention on happy thoughts and feelings. Invoking a feeling of happiness in their hearts that they will focus on for the rest of the meditation.

    Having a happy or unhappy day is all in the perception of our minds.  How we perceive our day can manifest itself into our reality just by our thought process. For example, your alarm doesn’t go off causing you to be late. You might say that the day will be a bad day because of this. Because you have already perceived it as being bad everything bad (big or small) that will happen to you that day, you will associate it to that fact that you are having a bad day. If a few good things happen to you through out your day.  You will not notice them because you are only focusing on the bad things to validate that you are having a bad day.

    Kids are no different then adults except for their frame of reference. A bad day for a child can be something as simple as not being able to watch their favorite TV show after school. It’s important to teach children at a young age to focus on the positive instead of the negative so that they can manifest positive things in their lives.

    I truly hope that your child enjoys this guided meditation and that it helps them to have a happy day.

    Peace be within you!

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