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Kindred Meditations provides free kid friendly guided meditations and music for children.  Kindred Meditations is dedicated to helping families with children of all ages find the peace within them through guided meditations and relaxing music.  All meditations are appropriate for children as young as 5 years of age. They are great for elementary and middle school children.  All sleep and meditation music tracks are great for children of all ages even very small children.

Meditations created by Kindred Meditations is by no means intended to be a replacement for treatments of any medical condition.  If your child suffers from a mental condition please consult a doctor before listening to any guided meditations produced by Kindred Meditations.

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“I will have the motivation to find another way.”

Our Services

Children's Guided Meditations

Children’s Guided Meditations for Beginners

Free short guided meditations for students of all ages.  Each free guided kid friendly meditation is designed to introduce your child to mindfulness and meditation.

Children's Guided Meditations for Sleep

Children’s Guided Meditations for Sleep

Free bedtime guided meditations for kids of all ages.  Each free guided imagery mediation is designed to help your child relax and fall asleep peacefully feeling safe in their beds.

Children's Bedtime and Meditation Music

Children’s Relaxing Music for Sleep and Meditation

Free relaxing music for children to sleep or meditate to.  All free calming music tracks features relaxing instrumental music that is appropriate for kids, toddlers and babies.

Guided Meditations and Music for Students

Guided Meditations and Study Music for Students

Free short guided meditations for students of all ages. Also featuring free relaxing music for students to study or meditate to. Great for classrooms and at home.

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